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HTL-STREFA in 2017

It was a very good year for us. We participated in major International Trade Fairs for healthcare professionals. We helped to raise awareness of the risks from medical sharps injuries and diabetes complications by joining and organizing several projects and CSR actions. We introduced our new project We Care – our contribution into simplification of disease prevention, diagnostics and treatment. But most of all the most important reason 2017 was a good year, was our clients and our employees. We are so fortunate to have you, and very grateful to all of you for being with us and helping us…more
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Lean Clean Day 2017 at HTL-STREFA

In November 2017, we took up the “Lean Clean Day” challenge. The goal of this initiative was to strengthen our team as a whole and, in particular, help the administrative and production teams understand the specific nature of each other’s work. During the course of the day, people came together to take part in workshops, clean the machines, and tidy up the factory grounds. Thank you to all those who participated in “Lean Clean Day”! For more photos visit: Clean Day 2017 at HTL-STREFAmore



In November, HTL-STREFA once again participated in the MEDICA Trade Fair held in Dusseldorf. This year, in addition to exhibiting our products, we presented at the stand our new project — We Care™, which is our contribution to simplification in preventing, diagnosing and treatment of diseases. Within the project, we want to increase awareness of risks that can arise from improper diabetes management and needle stick injuries among healthcare professionals. As part of the We Care™ project, we organized a campaign for World Diabetes Day that included monitoring and measuring blood sugar levels of those who visited our stand. We…more


HTL-STREFA in the “Polish Economic Success” TV show

In November, HTL-STREFA was featured in the “Polish Economic Success” show. The Global Marketing Director, Gajane Żurawska, talked about our company — our business philosophy, our products and values we adhere to in our daily work. To watch the entire show, go to: Polski Sukces Gospodarczy TVP3 There is also a transcript of the interview - below (the material starts at 00:06 min): HTL-STREFA S.A. is a company that has operated in the medical devices industry for over 20 years, manufacturing, developing and exporting safety lancets, personal lancets and pen needles — medical equipment used in diagnostics, prevention and treatment.…more


We Care

The driving force for the creation of We Care™ project was our concern for safety and the comfort of people with diabetes and healthcare professionals. The global number of people with diabetes is still growing. In 1980, there were 153 million diabetic patients around the world. Today, there are 371 million. It is predicted that in 2030 there will be 550 million diabetic patients around the globe and diabetes will be the 7th main cause of deaths. Each year, about 4 million people die due to diabetes complications (heart diseases; kidney diseases; diabetic foot; blindness). Each year, while caring for…more


HTL-STREFA at the Medic & Medlab West Africa 2017

On 11 – 13 October 2017, HTL-STREFA took part in Medic & Medlab West Africa 2017 in Lagos, Nigeria. We’d like to thank all visitors and customers for visiting our booth. For more photos visit: West Africa 2017more
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On 14 – 16 November you can meet us at MEDICA Trade Fairs in Dusseldorf, Germany. Booth number 3K56, Hall 3, Messe Düsseldorf Fairgrounds. Please feel welcome to visit us!


HTL-STREFA at the ExpoMEDICAL 2017

On 27 – 29 September 2017, HTL-STREFA took part in ExpoMEDICAL 2017 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We’d like to thank all visitors and customers for visiting our booth.more
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My experience at HTL-STREFA production departments – a word from Mikkel Danvold (HTL-STREFA CEO)

In August and September, I visited our Ozorków and Łęczyca facilities to work at various production lines. My intention was to meet our production colleagues personally and experience firsthand the great work our colleagues perform on a daily basis. I spent five days in our plants altogether, working in the beginning at our packaging department, lancing devices assembly line and assembly department, and then at Needle Production, Grinding, Springs and Injection molding departments. Let me say from the start that the work performed by our production colleagues is truly impressive, and I am full of admiration and respect for their…more
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HTL-STREFA RUNNERS in 39th Warsaw Marathon

HTL-STREFA in the 39th Warsaw Marathon - photos For more photos visit: